I run an intelligence gathering firm doing business in some of the least secure contries on the planet. I needed an effective method of securely communicating with my field agents overseas. APO encryption was recommended to me by a friend so I gave it a try. I thought encryption software would be difficult to use but APO really surprised me. The implementation in the office, as well as overseas, was quick and easy. Once installed, my staff and I found the software to be intuitive and very easy to use. When I did have a question, the customer support was excellent.

APO is a cost effective encryption solution that I would recommend to my friends.

Ken M. Taylor, MBA, CD.
The Virtus Management Group Inc.
"Strategic Counterterrorism Solutions"

Computer security specialists worldwide agree that if you want to protect your data, even if your computer is lost or stolen, encryption is the only option.

Neither anti virus nor anti spyware will protect your data from anyone other than the least sophisticated hacker. Neither will protect your data if your computer is lost or stolen. Since the most valuable thing about your computer is the data that is stored on it, it makes sense that you would want to use encryption to protect that data.

For every 6 minutes that your computer is connected to the web someone from another country will probably "ping" your internet port to see if you are running a firewall. If you aren‘t running a firewall, you will be targeted for further attacks. If you are running a firewall, simply visiting a website that has been compromised can offer a hacker a way into your computer.

The attacks are relentless, they are devious, and most of them are designed to steal the data on your computer. The hackers also have anti virus and anti spyware software that they use to test their latest creation. The new spyware that is released today is not going to be detected by current anti spyware software. That is why you have to upgrade your anti spyware software daily and pay annual subscriptions for these updates. Unfortunately, spyware can go undetected for months before an upgrade is made available to deal with it. How many months are you willing to wait before you are able to remove spyware that is on your computer now?

With APO Encryption, even if you have spyware on your computer, your data is protected. With whole disk encryption, once you sign in, all the data is available for whatever program asks for it — including spyware. APO uses file encryption that prevents spyware from accessing your data, even when your encryption key is loaded.

APO software has been certified by an independent lab set up by the US, British, and Canadian Governments. This certification is your guarantee that APO protects your data the same way that the military protects their Top Secret documents.

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